Step by Step Operating Guide

Maid-Rite Franchisee Step by Step Operating Guide

As a Maid-Rite franchisee you will have the added benefit of our Maid-Rite University educational and training programs. We provide on-the-job training at our restaurants combined with classroom experience conducted at our national headquarters, in Des Moines, Iowa. We will completely prepare you to operate and manage your Maid-Rite restaurant for success.

All of our Franchise Owner/Operators and Restaurant managers are not only prepared to but are also certified to operate their Maid-Rite by successfully completing our indepth franchisee training programs.

Our Maid-Rite Franchisee Operating Guide is your map to help guide you on the road to financial success.

Make the "Rite" choice today to let us know of your interest in becoming a proud owner of a successful Maid-Rite franchise restaurant.

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