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The Maid-Rite brand proprietary products and Maid-Rite brand merchandise are to be sold only by licensed franchisees. The Maid-Rite name and the Maid-Rite logo are trademarks of Maid-Rite Corporation and are only to be used by licensed Maid-Rite franchisees. The information contained in this Maid-Rite site is the exclusive property of Maid-Rite Corporation and may not be copied, duplicated or used without the written authorization from Maid-Rite Corporation.

This web site is not an offer to sell a Maid-Rite franchise in, nor are the communications directed by Maid-Rite Corporation to the residents of, any state that requires registration before offering and selling a franchise in that state. No Maid-Rite franchise will be sold to a resident of any state until any required franchise offering registration has been completed in that state and the required Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the prospective franchisee.